Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back with 2010's 12 on the 12th

You know when I went to add the picture I accidentally pulled up the collage from January 12, 2009. Wow, look at the difference!

Anyway, here we are at the start of 2010 and ready to begin a new year of 12 on the 12th (or sometimes on the 13th as it is in this case :) )

1. New fun, climbing on the tub deck and turning on the water. Clothes are usually wet and anything he decides to throw in there like his blanket or the nearest towel.
2. Morgan and her new curling from Aunt Cinda and Uncle Mike.
3. The never-too-happy-it's-the 12th Garrett wearing one of his favorite outfits. This is the first pair of jeans he's worn in YEARS (at least 5 if not more).
4. A quick trip to the store and took a snooze after getting up at 5:40.
5. Mommy and Me gymnastics. Today's theme was CARS and he loved it. We might be making progress.
6. Most requested dinner: cheeseburger pizza.
7. Sprouting all over our yard.
8. Morgan and Jack doing "homework" :)
9 & 10 Jack was in a super silly mood, jumping off the ottoman into our arms.
11. Morgan @ 11 years old.
12. A group shot for the new year.

1 comment:

The Zwangs said...

So where is the post on the pink cast? Love the pictures. Happy New Year!

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