Saturday, May 24, 2008

Goodbye Easy!

Officially we no longer have a baby we can put down and just assume that he'll remain there. Jack has officially joined the world of "ON THE GO". However, take a look at the crawling style he's adapted. Can't say that I've seen anything quite like it. Now we're wondering if this will evolve into traditional crawling or he'll just become efficient with it as is. Anyway, he has also mastered pulling up on everything as well. So the easy days are now over and serious baby proofing is about to begin.

No Goodie Bags

Last night Garrett had a birthday party. But "party" no longer has the same meaning it has with last parties. What I mean is there were no invitiations, just a click of email through Evites. The boys arrived with sleepover gear in tow, no parents hanging around, just a quick drop off. A few minutes of goofing off and then we all headed over eat dinner at Fuddruckers and see the new Indiana Jones movie. They didn't get home till around 10:00 and by then there was no interest in having brownies (Garrett's request over cake) or opening gifts. Anyway, 5 boys and 3 Macs equal some movie making time. So didn't have to worry about games. Boys were in bed at 1:00 and up at 7:30. They left at 10:00 with a box of candy. And I haven't looked in Garrett's room, but by the looks of things you could never tell we had a party. To sum it up-no invitations, no games, no cake, no singing happy birthday, no mess=a good bday party!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Never a Dull Moment

So this is Morgan on Monday. Surprise!! She had been complaining that her ankle was bothering her during gymnastics. After trying to ice it, it didn't seem to improve so I made an appointment for an orthopedic to take a look. I guess the official diagnosis is posterior tiblias tendonitis, translation it's a soft tissue injury and the only way for it to heal is complete rest. And the only way for it to completely rest it is to cast it. Well, you've never seen brighter eyes when he told her to pick a swatch from the colors offered for casts. And then to get crutches as well-I'm sure not too many patients walk out without a smile. She goes back in 2 weeks for a recast (where she can pick another color) and it should come off a week after that. She is still going to gymnastics, but obviously not doing a whole lot, but going 6 hours a week as opposed to 12. I think the novelty is wearing off with the heat and then realizing that she'd be able to go to Camp Loma Mar this weekend, but wouldn't be able to do most of the stuff. The good news is once it heals, it will be fine, not likely to recur again.

And here's a some activity going on in the "hood". To give you some perspective, the car in the foreground is right in front of our house. This little brush fire started right after school (thinking some "bad" kids were down there) and burned all the way up to the yellow house's fence. I guess the good news is all the shrubbery is gone. But the hills around us are almost completely brown (earlier than usual) and they are talking about rationing water this summer so it is going a bad fire season.

Here's a little peek at Jack sleeping, guess he found a new sleep position. I'll post again and share some of the new stuff he's been up to, but as you can tell, we've been just a wee bit busy!!!

Too Busy to Post

Greetings from the reason I'm too busy to post. Got lots of catching up to do and lots of pictures to share. These smiles aren't fake, they are just teeth chattering. We had professional pictures taken outside and wanted to take a few of my own, but by the time we got home it was freezing. The irony is that 3 days later, nobody will be complaining about it being too cold, it is supposed to be 98 degrees and tomorrow should be in the triple digits.

So here's a peek at how we spent Mother's Day. I like to think of it as our personal family eclipse, meaning it was Mother's Day, Garrett's 12th birthday and the day Jack was dedicated at the church. Those 3 events will never happen again.

Chris took Garrett and Morgan to see IronMan while Jack and I stayed home. They both gave the movie two thumbs up! Then we all met up at Macaconi Grill. Garrett was surprised with a big piece of chocolate cake and Happy Birthday in Italian. Later that night we also had vanilla cake.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's been awhile

Promise to be better about updating this. I've noticed that I'm adding stuff to my calendar frequently which means I have lots to share. But here's some pictures to share.
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