Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I've been teasing my family with some of the pictures I took of my niece while I was in Annapolis.
I promise, I will upload them soon. But in the meantime, here's a couple more with a new collage site I just discovered.
Photovisi has some interesting (free) collage designs. For my scrapbooking friends, you might want to check out the site.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Some June Scrapbooking

I just haven't been able to get much done this month. I did get a layout done for each of the kids' books.

This is the one I shared that I did on the 12th. The pictures are of Morgan on her first day of kindergarten and last day of 5th grade. The title is Blink. Can't believe she's on to middle school next year. When I saw that paper, I knew exactly what I would use it for.

This is a layout of some photos of Garrett I took in Cayucas. I was inspired by a layout on 2 Peas. All the papers are scraps and I kept it pretty simple because I really liked the photos. Pulled out my sewing machine and it just seemed to finish it off.

And the last one is a lift of another layout I saw on 2Peas. The photo was a 5x7 collage I had made up of all the different modes of transportation we used while visiting in Maryland. I had all the papers and it went together in a snap. Love it when that happens.

There's a few days left in June, maybe I can get another one done????

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mary Mary

How does your garden grow?

Here's the picture I took on the twelfth of June proudly showing our flourishing garden.

A couple days ago I noticed our parsley was looking a little droopy so I gave it some water and assumed it would perk up the next day.
But when I went to water it again, it was gone. As in VANISHED. MISSING. POOF.

So unless we have a parsley caper in the neighborhood, my hunches lead me to believe it's the work of one nasty mole.
I detest these creatures. They've absolutely been a menace in our yard. They're impossible to get rid of. In the past they've left mounds all over our yard. Is is too much to ask that this 8 foot square plot of land can be zoned mole free?

Since these pictures have been taken, we've since lost 3 green bean plants and the basil looks like it will be a victim any day now.

So back to my original question. Mary, how does your garden grow?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

12 on the 12th

Yay, finally remembered this month. The 12th fell on a Saturday which was the day after the last day of school.

1. Nobody had to remind Garrett it was the first day of summer break-9:30 and still snoozing.
2. World Cup Soccer-USA v England (tie). The last World Cup we were traveling in Europe when Italy won. We were very much caught up in soccer fever then.
3. And it proved to be enough motivation for Garrett to go out and practice some moves.
4. The garden this month. Everything is looking good. The bell peppers look healthy, but have hardly grown at all. Most of the other plants are beginning grow something that resembles the vegetable.
5. A close up of the tomato plant. Lots of little tomatoes, but waiting for them to ripen.
6. Morgan is the Skype queen. It really has helped her maintain her friendship with Megan who moved last year to Wisconsin.
7. Looks like several people got cut off, but this is my car being loaded up with kids to head to the movies. Chris and Morgan saw Karate Kid and Garrett and two friends saw A-Team.
8. And this is what I was left with. He does not like being left behind.
9. Finally got him settled and we watched Toy Story. Just a couple more weeks till Toy Story III is released and we'll be taking him to his first movie at the theater.
10. In his big boy bed...It was a rough week or so, but he has transitioned well and is back to a sleeping champ.
11. Took Morgan to Borders to pick out a new book to start off the summer.
12. And when Jack went to bed and the house was quiet, I scrapbooked.

Summer Commandments

Well here we are on day two of summer vacation and you can tell it's going well (insert sarcasm) because I wrote out a two page document that was signed by Garrett and Morgan clarifying my summer expectations. What the spring is to tax accountants, the summer is to a mom. It's a huge increase in work and lots of overtime. Of course, my pay and compensation is nil both in monetary terms and gratitude when you're dealing with a teen and a tween.

Summers seem to have become increasingly more stressful for me over the last few years. I think the biggest shift occured when Garrett and Morgan not only stopped enjoying being around one another, but were annoyed at the sound of one breathing in the same room as the other. Then add to that the fact that it is not cool to go anywhere without a friend and I'm left trying to find entertainment for not two but four kids (plus a toddler). It's exhausting not to mention expensive.

So in an effort to start this summer on the same page, my commandments were typed up. I guess it's not exactly starting summer on a sunny note, but I feel that my parental responsibility to raise children who have boundaries, understand financial responsibility, and respect ALL family members do not get a summer vacation. And I can only hope that my compensation will come ten-fold in years to come.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Quick Catch Up

I'm baaaacckkk! And after a great night's rest in my own bed I'm jumping right back into things-cleaning up the backyard, a trip to Costco, dropping off a kid at the golf course and it's just noon.

I also came back with a memory card full of pictures. But here's a quick look at our trip through the iPhone.

1. I was really concerned about how I was going to manage carrying all this stuff, but it worked and nothing I brought I wished I left home.
2. That glow is Virgin America lighting. They were fabulous. My flight was cheap and if given the chance, I'd fly them again. Also, Jack took naps on both flights and didn't need to walk around until 4 hours into the flight. That carseat was a lifesaver!
3. Jack holding Arianna for the first time. He had the sweetest smile on his face for the 2 minutes it kept his interest.
4. On Sunday, we spent about 4 hours at the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum before heading over to the Inner Harbor. Needless to say my little train lover was in heaven. If ever in the area, I highly recommend it.
5. On Monday, we toured around downtown Annapolis. What a darling little town. It was pretty hot and humid, but felt great to take the water taxi from Jenifer and David's home to the downtown area.
6. Each day, Jack became more and more interested in helping me care for the baby. Today he asked to feed her.
7. This little onesie I had bought for Jenifer and David for a Christmas gift. She's just starting to fit into her 3-6 month old clothing.
8. We were treated so nicely while we were there-David arranged to have a pizza and salad delivered one day for lunch. East Coast=yummy pizza.
9. We were also treated to a big thunderstorm. I don't know if this was considered big by East Coast standards. But this California girl enjoyed the rare treat.
10. Just one of the pictures I sent to Jenifer to help make her week back to work go a little easier. Nothing like a little Arianna smile to help you get through the day :)
11. 2 things~we did a lot of shopping while we were there :) and I ended up giving our stroller to Jenifer and she ordered the umbrella stroller we've been wanting to get. LOVE it. So nice to downsize to a smaller, lighter stroller.
12. Finally reunited. Morgan and Jack had such big smiles on their face when they saw each other. Garrett did too (but I'm apparently not quick enough for the 5 seconds it lasted!)
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