Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Darn, those kids are expensive...

If I ever overhear a parent complaining about how expensive diapers are, I may just have to give them a peek into their future.

Morgan made the high school cheer team.  Yay!  Right? 
Considering she's been cheering for two years and has her gymnastics background, I knew it was coming.  But I didn't know how big the checks would be.
Just this week...
$355 Fair Share Donation (covers coaches' stipends and busses)
$679 Cheer Uniform
$300 Cheer Camp and transportation
$100 Camp/practice clothes

CHA CHING!!  We also had to sign up for our first of many fundraisers because believe it or not, there's more.  Cheer music, cheer choreography and perhaps new competition uniforms.
But wait, there's more...this doesn't even cover the expenses that occur to be on the competition squad-competition fees and not one, not two, but FOUR trips down to Southern California to compete, so add some gas and hotel bills to this.

That's child one.

Child two has needed his fair share of checks lately too as he is going to the Jr. Prom this weekend.
$155 prom tickets
$10 to replace ASB card that he lost which is needed to buy tickets
$220 Tuxedo
$20 to special order a new vest because first vest won't match date's dress
$32 Corsage

Child three...he's the cheap one.  I like it that way :-)
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