Friday, July 18, 2008

Jenifer's Visit

Aunt Jenifer came for a visit last week. She picked a REALLY hot week to enjoy some time here. It was 108 degrees a couple days in a row. But one place to beat the heat is in San Francisco so we took a little day trip there. We walked around Pier 39. Garrett found a digital camera so we performed a good deed and turned it into security. We got taffy from a store at the end of the pier. Then we headed over to Boudin's for some lunch. This was just recently remodeled and they had a viewing area of how the bread is made. By the way, it was agreed by all that Morgan's grilled cheese sandwich is something was all wished we had ordered~yum, yum. After lunch we decided to do a very touristy bay cruise. It was so nice. The weather couldn't be beat. Got a little windy as we head toward the Golden Gate Bridge, but what a sight! We passed right under in then turned around and headed toward Alcatraz. Can't believe we've lived up here 9 years and we just got around to doing this.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Found My Camera

I looked in my diaper bag two times. Took everything out. But guess where I found my camera? Well all I can say is a big PHEWWWWW!!! I'll share more later, but here's a peek at the pictures that were missing (bottom 2).

And I did get my new super fancy camera. And so far I'll let you be the judge (top 2 pictures!).

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