Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Local Forecast-SNOW!

Well, not exactly, but here we are 30 minute from home. If it's new and sounds fun, we're usually willing participants. Snow on the Farm is man made snow tubes on a working farm. It was a bit chilly, but a jacket and gloves were about the only warm clothing needed.

The best part was the people mover-just step on and it takes you to the top.

Morgan in the path of the snow machine.

They had a snow play area, but Jack found the biggest puddle and did what comes naturally!

Hoping to see more snow this year, we all had fun!

Final Installment of 12 on the 12th

And the final installment of 2009's 12 on the 12th (and once on the 13th). I'll be keeping my eye open for a good photobook deal and will be getting these printed.

1. Jack's 3rd visit with Santa. Not scared, but not exactly enjoying it.
2. Decorating cookies at the club party.
3. Cute, but not a big hit!
4. After the brunch.
5. On our way to a futsal game.
6. It doesn't seem like the season is starting again so soon.
7. A stormy day, a small break in the rain.
8. Morgan-one month shy of 11.
9. A win, second week in a row.
10. Keeping Jack occupied-we went through snacks, a sucker, books and toys-last resort-iPhone.
11. Bench pressing in the garage.
12. Garrett's pretty faithful and works out every other day.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Unwanted Visitor

While we always welcome company at our house, there is one visitor who has once again made an unwelcomed appearance.

The back story...
The details are a bit sketchy as this Elf was a gift to my mom many years ago. As I recall, he became quite the topic of conversation during a holiday celebration with a lot of people laughing about this present and joking about how they were envious of such a gift. Well, I believe my step-sister Amy who laughed the hardest became the first recipient of the Elf when he was sneaked into their car before they left. And so it went, our family would get together and somebody would unknowingly become the benefactor of this gorgeous home decor. Somewhere along the lines the Elf would fall victim to abuse and he would show up with bandages or other marks of injury.

Last year we were on heightened alert for this Elf and just before my parents were about to leave we made a sweep of the house and found him in Garrett's pillow. However, a little distraction and a swipe of their car keys, that Elf found himself in the trunk headed back to Southern California. Elf visitor averted!
This year, we were caught off guard. Chris, Garrett and I went to the movies and when we returned, my parents were leaving early. And within a half hour of their departure the Elf was discovered stuffed in a cabinet. I'm blaming Morgan for being distracted!

What's worse, Jack does not like the Elf, he came up to me saying, "I sceered!" Thanks Grammie and Grandpa for the nightmares that I'm sure will follow.
There's only one option.

Or is there?
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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Birthday...and the family that flies together

A big happy birthday to Chris! He gave us a great reason to enjoy some family time together tonight.
I was able to keep tonight a surprise up until we walked out the door, I knew it would be a hit. iFly is located about 25 minutes away. We arrived 45 minutes before our "flight" time, signed liability waivers (always reassuring :) ) and then went upstairs to view the current session. Within a few minutes we were brought into a room with about 12 others and watched a video on the proper form and hand signals. From there we were brought to another area to put on our suits, earplugs, goggles, and helmets. Then we filed into the wind tube. Each of the two turns was about 1 minute long. When I had been told that, it seemed like a really short time, but when you were flying, it felt much longer. The first turn was more of a getting your feet wet experience. The second time, we were soaring, spinning, and plummeting. It was very exhilarating!

Here's a look at our first flights. Check out my form-pointed toes and all. Maybe I should have taken up diving a few years back~lol!

Unfortunately Jack stayed home, but this activity is for ages 3 and up so we'll make sure he too earns his wings someday!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

December in Song

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Here's a look at our December through some favorite holiday songs.
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Must Be Santa

Oh Christmas Tree

Little Drummer Boy (the downtown holiday parade)

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Jingle Bells (...laughing all the way)

Let It Snow (It got so close to snowing here. It snowed in the foothills something we've never seen since we've lived here, we drove around some of the lower levels and saw the golf course with little patches).

(You Better Not Pout) Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Up on the Housetop

Here We Go A' Caroling (Morgan's Indian Princesses went caroling around the neighborhood)

We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Still working on getting my Christmas cards out, but many thanks to Carrie for working her photoshop magic and designing them.
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