Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Tale of Three Halloweens

Well here's our cute little lion. This year he had a hard time deciding what he wanted to be. A monster? A race car driver? Once the costume was ordered, it was too late. Of course, this morning he wanted to be Buzz Lightyear. He LOVED trick or treating. He kept saying, "A couple more" and filled his bucket.

This one had her costume picked out last month. She made plans with her best friend and had pretty much mapped out the route we'd be taking. This afternoon she decided she was tired and took a nap. Hmmm, that is so not Morgan. After her nap, she walked around with a blanket and wanted to change her costume into something with more layers. Hmmm, that is so not Morgan. Her friend arrived and Morgan was laying on the ground with a blanket. Clearly she was not feeling well. After an hour or so of trying to convince herself that she'd perk up, she finally decided she just wanted to go to bed. Poor thing. So she's been in her bed and was asleep before 8:00.

And this one (far right) was told that he was too big to go trick-or-treating. As seems to be the norm lately, I was alone in my decision. So the compromise was for the boys to hang out-they watched the Giants and played some basketball. The group went trick-or-treating for about an hour, but Garrett just tagged along. I bought all his favorite candy so don't feel too sorry for him, he has plenty of candy to rot his teeth :-)

The End

Monday, October 18, 2010

Homecoming in the 21st Century

Well I know I'm dating myself, but Homecoming when I went to school was more the football game, the crowning of a king and queen, and a dance in the gym afterward. I don't recall it being a huge deal.

Fast foreward to the 21st century. My how things have changed.
First, you don't just ask a girl. You come up with some elaborate proposal. Treasure hunts, CD mixes, silly Bandz, etc...
A week before Homecoming they have nominations for King and Queen for Freshmen, Sophmore, Juniors and Seniors.
Garrett was nominated to his surprise.

In the meantime, after much pestering Garrett said he wanted to go, but most of his friends would be going as a group. Sounded like a good plan.

Well I'm not sure how this plan morphed, but somehow a boy group and a girl group merged and this became a much bigger event than I expected .

Black is the attire for boys. You'd be hard pressed to find a boy who wasn't wearing a black shirt.

This was the get together before the dance hosted by one of the families of a girl. Dinner was catered from a really nice restaurant that Chris and I go to on special occasions. They also hired a professional photographer (can I just roll my eyes here?).

And this is Garrett's date. Garrett did not partake in any of the elaborate proposal and apparently included the phrase "as friends" when he asked her (such a charmer we're raising, eh?)

Second Verse Same as the First

Take a close look, do you notice a difference between the pictures?

No...not a trick question, look real close.

The one on the left was taken on the first day the school and the other was taken today.

Did you say Morgan's boot is on a different foot? ding ding ding you would be correct.

She competed 2 hours away on Saturday and she (and her teammates) had spectacularly low scores so this meet was already pretty craptastic at best. She completed her final event, the bars, which has a dismount consisting of a swing and a half turn off the high bar. Something she does multiple times a day. She landed, saluted the judges, I looked away and heard, "oh no she's on the ground." And there she was flat on her back. I saw nothing out of the ordinary, her coach saw nothing, and even the judge commented that she saw nothing. So she hobbled to the car and home we went. We were told it probably was a sprain, but nope, she fractured her foot-a real fluke. So that boot that was worn on the left foot for 3 weeks this summer is now on her right till we see the orthapedist later this week.

And that concludes the gymnastics season.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

September Scrapbooking

I guess these are really scrabook pages from August and September.

Lily Bee papers

These are papers from Sassafras Indie Girl line. A class was offered through Scrapbook Nook and I made very few changes.

My Little Shoebox papers and a sketch from Allison Davis.

Sketch from ?? Papers from Fancy Pants Rusted Sun.

My Minds Eye Papers

A lift a page I saw on 2 Peas in a Bucket. The Girls Paperie papers which I bought knowing I'd be using them for some pages of my niece Arianna. This is the first page I've done with just her. And no Jenifer, I'm keeping this one :-)

Showing it without the glare.

My Minds Eye papers.

Bo Bunny papers. This is Jack at his very first movie (which also happened to be Garrett's first movie too-Toy Story 1 that is).

More Sassafras Lass Indie Girl.

Little Yellow Bicycle papers.

I feel like I have some big stacks of pictures to get to this month. Hoping I can be productive. At the end of the month the last local scrapbook store will be closing. I'm either going to have to make a 45 minute drive (which is going to be rare) to go to the closest one or do some shopping online (which I hate because the shipping is such a rip off). Apparently scrapbooking as a hobby is losing popularity, but nobody told me :-)
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