Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Graduate

Class of 2014.  Seemed so far away in 1996, but here we are.

Love this last photo.  These guys will reconvene in 4 years (or so!) and the next!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

And now, back to our regularly scheduled Saturdays...

Labor Day, the last hurrah for a carefree weekend.  Because every weekend after that for the next few months  we'll be juggling Morgan's practices and cheer activities and Garrett and Jack's soccer games.  It's a bit tricky trying to get everyone where they need to be and being able to sit and watch.

Morgan cheered for her first frosh game.  Games are on Thursdays, so she goes to school, I pick her up for a cheer gym class at 3:30 then pick her up at 4:50 and drop her off at the game.  She doesn't get home until 7:00.  Her Saturdays are spent at practice from 10:00-4:00.

Season 2, U6 has started with this little man.  Chris is coaching again and so far Jack and his teammates are scoring it up and really a step above the other teams.

Chris still enjoys putting together a highlight video for Jack.  So here's one from his first game of the season.

 And Garrett is playing his last season of soccer.  Eleven years!  He's been doing well, recovered from the break and back to give it his all.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Hear a happy dance?  Well summer is over and it is back to school!  Actually this summer went by incredibly fast.  We were all very busy and had a calendar full of events and fun moments.

Garrett & Morgan started school on Monday and Jack began today.

In summary, it was the last first day of school for him.

And the first day of high school for her.

And the first day of school for him.

It was the first time the oldest two have been at the same school since they were in 5th and 2nd grade.
And it was the first time, the oldest have gotten to school without me driving at least one of them!  So lots of firsts going on around here.

And here's a first-I got this shirt made up for Jack and am going to have him wear it on the first day of school until he's Garrett's age.  That should be a fun progression of pictures that will go all too fast.

And here's a first and a last-a group shot of them as they head off to their first days of school this year.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

It's On

We have some soccer friends that live nearby.  It's hard to describe this family, they are very athletic and very driven and they have a very different sense of humor.  They've always used profanity in casual conversation even when their kids were young.  Garrett played soccer with their son and we seemed to bond over two things, the AMC show Breaking Bad and our extreme dislike for the team mom.

The team mom was a know it all who just made the two of us roll our eyes.  We'd often send snarky text messages to each other about something she'd done.  If her son didn't show up to practice, the team mom would take it upon herself to lecture him.

So one time Garrett and their son went to the team's soccer camp.  I can't remember why, but we had some conflict so Garrett stayed with them the night before camp and they drove the boys there while we picked them up.  Well back to the very different sense of humor-Garrett arrived at camp only to unpack his bag and find a ginormous bra had been put in his bag.  He was mortified.  The "A" family thought it was hysterical.

Fast forward nearly two years.  They asked us at the last minute if we could watch their dogs this weekend.  I've never been inside their house before, but Garrett and I both noticed a collage of pictures they had loosely arranged over a desk.    Well, we both kind of devised a pay back scheme.  I went to the store and had 10 pictures of the team mom printed up and we carefully placed this picture throughout the kitchen in family room. We weren't invasive.  We covered up the boy's picture with hers.  We added one to the collage of pictures.  We propped one in a cabinet.  We taped one to a wall that had some school report cards.  There was a ceramic dog and one was placed in its teeth.  They have a pizza oven with boards below and that was probably one that won't be found for some time.

So I just got a text message from her.  It read, "Ummmm. U think u guys forgot something really disturbing....Let me know if we should return them!!!lol

Oh and by the way....

It's on!!!!"

So let me tell you, when the "A" family says it's on, it's on.  I'm a little afraid of what they may pull.  I know I'm totally going to be on guard waiting for the retaliation.  So what am I going to do in the meantime?  I going to figure out our next move.  And it's going to be good!!

Stay tuned.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Catching Up On Some Scrapbooking

I set a goal for myself to spend some more time scrapbooking.  My goal was to finish 30 pages in 30 days.  Here are a few of my favorites that I thought I'd share.

Just a mini update

Jack got his cast off last week.  9 weeks and he's all healed.  It was the first time I left that office since January that I didn't have to make a follow up appointment since January.  He had quite a rash under the cast when it came off (we had some high temps that week), but a week if airing it out  and putting lotion, it looks great.

And this little girl made the varsity competition squad for high school.  There were only 12 girls picked, one freshman-Morgan!  This team is the two time national champions, so this is quite an accomplishment.  She will continue to cheer with all the other freshmen girls at the football and basketball games, the competition team is separate.

Here's her competition schedule for the coming year:
Nov 3 James Logan High, Union City
Dec 14 Santa Margarita High, Rancho Santa Margarita (So. Cal)
Jan 18 Yorba Linda High, Yorba Linda (So. Cal)
Jan 19 Brea Olinda HIgh, Brea (So. Cal)
Jan 25 Tesoro High, Las Flores (So. Cal)
Feb 2 California Open Champs, UC Davis (Superbowl Sunday)
Nationals March 28-30 (Anaheim)

In addition, she'll be headed down to Long Beach in July for cheer camp and over Labor Day weekend for choreography somewhere in So Cal.

She's been working really hard to get the skills needed to be on this team. (see video) video

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Darn, those kids are expensive...

If I ever overhear a parent complaining about how expensive diapers are, I may just have to give them a peek into their future.

Morgan made the high school cheer team.  Yay!  Right? 
Considering she's been cheering for two years and has her gymnastics background, I knew it was coming.  But I didn't know how big the checks would be.
Just this week...
$355 Fair Share Donation (covers coaches' stipends and busses)
$679 Cheer Uniform
$300 Cheer Camp and transportation
$100 Camp/practice clothes

CHA CHING!!  We also had to sign up for our first of many fundraisers because believe it or not, there's more.  Cheer music, cheer choreography and perhaps new competition uniforms.
But wait, there's more...this doesn't even cover the expenses that occur to be on the competition squad-competition fees and not one, not two, but FOUR trips down to Southern California to compete, so add some gas and hotel bills to this.

That's child one.

Child two has needed his fair share of checks lately too as he is going to the Jr. Prom this weekend.
$155 prom tickets
$10 to replace ASB card that he lost which is needed to buy tickets
$220 Tuxedo
$20 to special order a new vest because first vest won't match date's dress
$32 Corsage

Child three...he's the cheap one.  I like it that way :-)
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