Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Back to the Future

Okay, here one that Mike and Jeff might want to come take a peek at. The other night our friend came over with this Tesla car. Chris (our friend) left a job in the tech industry and took a cut in pay to work at his dream job. This week he has been bringing home a few to help test them out. So he offered rides to Chris and Garrett. It seats only two, electric, accelerates up to 100 mph and is super quiet. There are only 20 of these cars currently out, but they will begin manufacturing them soon and you (as well as Arnold Schwarzeneger) could add your name to the list of these $90,000 vehicles.
And here's a look at Morgan's bar routine from this weekend. Two weeks ago, bars was her lowest score. This week it was her highest. She got an 8.5 (8th place). She actually lost .3 because of an extra swing. She did really well and brought up her all around score from a 30 to a 31. She has another meet on Sunday morning in Santa Clara.

Monday, September 15, 2008

wONEderful Jack

Jack had his one year check up today and boy has he grown. He's 30 1/4 inches (53%) and 23.9 pounds (50%). He also got two shots :-(.
In case you haven't gotten enough pictures of the birthday boy, here's a few more.

And the year in pictures.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fall Fashion Show

Well, we're getting back into the swing of things over here. Homework is becoming pretty regular and it's not so hard getting up in the mornings. Garrett has told me that he won't wear the shirts I bought him because they have collars (they're Quiksilver, not nerdy shirts). Morgan, however, loved shopping for clothes this year. Here's a peek at some of the outfits she bought.

Sports Update: First league soccer game for Garrett-Loss 1-2 (bad goalie!!)

Morgan's first meet: The highlight was balance beam, she placed 7th with an 8.3, one of the highest scores on her team. No falls. Was happy at the end of the day so that's what counts. I think her all around score was just over 30. Hoping to get that up to a 32 by the end of the season.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Relatively Young

Well I think I haven't encountered too many people this month who knew of my "big" birthday and commented, "I can't believe you're going to be 40!". Fortunately being 40 does allow for a bigger celebration than most birthdays so I'm sharing some of the pictures from my party. So I guess that makes up for it. But on Friday, August 29, something happened that which made me smile. Replublican candidate John McCain picked his Vice Presential candidate Sarah Palin. I think his pick caught many of the news media off guard as they were scrambling to come up with a biography on her. She's from Alaska, she's a mom of 5, she's a former beauty queen and "at 44, she's relatively young." So hear ye, hear ye, in case you haven't heard, 44 is relatively young and 40 is, well that's just young period.
So here's some pictures from the party. Chris gets major kudos for planning it. Here I thought that he was incapable of picking up clothes off the ground and he goes and pulls off something like this. Apparently he had a good cover for 17 years. It was located about 5 miles from our house at the Elliston Winery. And in case you want to see all 165 pictures, here's a link to a Snapfish album. It's great to have so many scrapbooking friends~they made sure I'd have enough pictures for an entire album!
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