Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Garrett's PSAT scores were released to colleges a couple weeks ago and since that time we've been email blasted by colleges from all over the country touting their reputation.

  • Garrett, there is no place like Seattle.
  • Dear Garrett, If you're right for Saint Mary's, we'll do everything we can to make it affordable.
  • Are you ready for the Northeastern advantage?
  • Columbia University graduates have a rich history of invention and innovation

Of course, the best ones are not the ones that toot their own horn, but the ones that speak to the recipient's talents.

  • Garrett, your academic record proves you have the record to succeed.
  • Garrett, You're just the type of student I'm looking for - smart, motivated, eager to learn. 
  • Garrett, Based on your impressive academic record, we think you are seeking a college where faculty members will personally challenge you, mentor you and help you create new knowledge

    Garrett's has received emails from many prestigious colleges like Columbia, Duke, Brown, and Boston University but I'd say that at least a third have come from New York state.  I didn't realized how many colleges were in that state, but I think every last one has reached out to Garrett.  Of course, the weather is probably an issue for Garrett so we've deleted all of those. :-)

    Well today, the mail campaign has started.  Here's what was in our mailbox just today- William and Mary, Carroll, University of Miami, University of Pittsburgh, Drexel, Stony Brook, St. John's, Fordham University, SMU, Santa Clara (a top choice for Garrett), and University of Portland. Bet the New York college brochures will arrive tomorrow-probably a weather delay :-)

Road to Recovery

What a difference a couple days make.

The above picture was taken after 4 hours at the emergency room on Saturday.  Garrett was placed in a 3 sided hard splint, but he could not move around at all.  By Monday, he was in more pain than he was on Saturday.
Monday afternoon, we went to the orthopedic's office.  They did not take more x-rays, just used the ones from the emergency room, but he appears that Garrett's  fracture will heal without the need for surgery.  The bones were aligned.   He fractured his tibia straight through, but there is no sign of a fracture on the fibula.  They will x-ray him again in one week to make sure it is healing straight.
The cast he is wearing above will be the length he needs for another month and then he'll move into a shorter cast for a month longer.  Once this one was put on, he immediately felt better, it provides much more support.  He's still not moving around too much, but at least he can now get out of bed.
Today I was running around.   We now have a handicapped person in the house, so some modifications were in order.  Garrett will obviously not be driving for awhile, but we got the temporary handicap placard through the end of April.  At this point, getting his long, straight cast in the car is a bit of a challenge.  I'll need to drive my Acura which has a bit more leg room.  But the handicap spot will mostly be needed so he can swing his door open wide.  It's kind of an production getting in and out of the car with that leg.
I also went to his school.  I already emailed his teachers.  We think he'll miss class this week, but his physics teacher said it would be a hard week to miss because of some in class demonstrations.  So we may take him just for fourth period on Thursday and Friday.  That class is at the front of the school so he won't have too far to walk.  His last class of the day is on the second story so I had to see the principal's secretary and check out the super secret elevator key that he can use for the next few months.  Thinking ahead to next week, I also asked that they provide a table and chair to prop his leg on in each class.  There's no way he'll be able to get in and out of those small desks.  I've also been busy ordering things online to make life easier...I bought some gel covers for the crutches, a waterproof protector for his cast, a stool for the bathtub, and a hand held shower head.

Garrett's been a good little patient.  Chris went out and bought him a tv for his room so he's been hooked up with his PlayStation keeping busy.  His friend came over last night and kept him company so he was in good spirits.  I will keep you posted with his recovery.
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