Sunday, April 24, 2011

I Ate The Whole Chocolate Bunny

Happy Easter

Today was a nice family day. Went to the 9:30 church service and then headed over to a brunch. Before we sat down Jack talked to the Easter bunnies (missed that picture opportunity) and then went inside a little petting zoo-chickens, bunnies, miniature goats, and a pig.

After brunch, there was an egg hunt. Jack was a bit slow, he didn't like touching the wet eggs and since it was drizzling a bit, there weren't too many dry eggs left. Oh well, he still walked away with a chocolate bunny.

Later we came home and the Easter bunny had visited our house and brought some sunshine with him. Morgan spent most of the day wearing her coat, so I didn't get any good pictures in her dress, but she sure looks pretty in yellow!

And Jack was giddy to see his basket. You might notice a bit of a theme-the basket has a liner with dinosaurs and he got a big dinosaur puzzle, dinosaur jibbitz for his croc, a dinosaur coloring book and paint set, and lots of other dinosaur goodies to keep him busy. Fortunately for Jack, he didn't have much competition hunting for eggs, he and Morgan scooped them up pretty quickly and ate a few along the way.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Got Peeps?

A very cute and fast little basket of treats to bring to Jack's class today. Peeps+grass+snack size ziploc bags+printable PDF topper=DONE! I saw this project on the eighteen 25 blog last year and tucked that little project away. Here is the link so you can find the original post.

Next Project

So moving on to the next project...
Our closet was being worked on in December. For over a year Chris had talked about getting a big screen tv. I'm not against big televisions, but as you can tell, we didn't really have the option of getting one.
Cue Peter the cabinet guy and suddenly the idea of heading to Best Buy and buying a tv suddenly became a project.

Before: television circa 2000, weight about 500 pounds (or so it felt), all cords and auxiliary outlets in the back making it impossible to hook up a gaming system or just about anything else.

During: The bottom half remained intact, but the top was completely gutted.

The day big boys dreams come true:

The (immediate) after:

That black speaker above and another black box in the corner became permanent decor. The cabinet below the tv which was really roomy and great storage became home to more electronic "toys" and the surround sound has added a whole new dimension to watching Diego.

And then I decided to tackle a little home improvement. I hated this brass around the fireplace. I read about a quick fix and decided to give it a try.

Goodbye brass!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


at 3 1/2

It's really hard to get a good picture of this little ball of motion.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Life Lessons

Here's a page I did for Garrett's high school soccer season. I used Teresa Collins Sports Edition II. I happen to see this layout in the booth where I purchased the paper and tried to remember the design to recreate it.

The journaling reads:
I think this picture depicts some of the struggles you went through playing on the freshmen soccer team. You injured yourself before tryouts even began and it seems like you started the season in a hole-overlooked and under appreciated. It was very hard as parents to watch-it was clear that a strong and valuable player was spending way too much time on the bench. About midway through the season, when it appeared that nothing was going to changed, we chalked the season up to being a life lesson-
*not everybody will like you
*not everybody values skills equally
*despite the circumstances, you still work hard
*and just when you accept the circumstances, the game changes
And at that moment, you rarely sat on the bench and suddenly could do no wrong in the eyes of the coach.
*People are unpredictable

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Here We Go Again

Here's a layout (a lift of Nancy Damiano) that I did last month on a scrapbook retreat. It's a page about Morgan's injuries that she's had a year's period of time:
A cast on the arm and two boots, one on either foot.

Well Murphy's Law, I knew if I completed it, something would happen.

Here's the lovely green cast she's sporting on her right arm for another couple weeks. If truth be told, I think there's some type of racket her doctors are pulling because once again it's a small fracture on her growth plate that doesn't show up on x-rays. No denying, she's complaining that it hurts and did for about 2 weeks before I finally took her to see the orthopedist (we did see her doctor who prescribed Motrin for the week). But c'mon, 4 casts/boots in 13 months?
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