Saturday, November 12, 2011

October Review

What? You say it's already November? That can't be!

October was a crazy, crazy month and yes it might be mid November, but life has hardly slowed down and I realized that the one measly post I did in October didn't even begin to cover everything that went on .

As usual, our month was filled with soccer. Lots and lots of soccer- 12 two hour practices and 8 games.

One of the games was scheduled for 5:00 the night of the Homecoming Dance. Garrett missed out on all the pre-homecoming activities including pictures, but assured me he'd get pictures later. And he did-one iPhone picture :-(

Luckily he tried on his clothes earlier in the day and I snapped a picture of him.

I worked in Jack's class twice this month. I love watching him interact with his classmates. Apparently he volunteers to say the prayer everyday, he's very outgoing.

Chris had his big Open World conference in San Francisco. This is a huge event for his company and each year he seems to speak at more and more seminars. I guess you have to be part of his world to understand what a big deal this is. He keeps telling me he's a VIP, maybe this picture proves it :-P
Thanks to Mom coming up and staying for a few days, I was able to join them for their big appreciation event. It's located on Treasure Island and it's quite a production. After dinner at Roys with his boss, we headed over there and watched Tom Petty and Sting perform.

About a week later, Mom and Art were up for another visit. I'll share more pictures later, but one of the days we headed to San Francisco and while Jack and Grammie rode the trollie cars for hours, Art and I rode on Segways and made our way around town. 3 words: So. Much. Fun!

October wouldn't be complete without a trip to the pumpkin patch. Jack went with his class and then we visited another one.

We went to a Halloween party and Jack got second place.

This picture cracks me up. Here he is being lifted up like something being auctioned off by some creepy looking guy.

And here's our Angry Bird pumpkins. Got the whole family in making these and I think they turned out so cute!

And here's Jack who decided to forgo his prize winning fireman costume and wear his knight costume.

Morgan went with a friend in another part of town. She came home with 10 pounds of candy. I think that more than made up for not trick or treating last year.

So that wraps up the month of October.

We've Got Spirit

yes we do. We've got spirit how 'bout you?

done Pictures, Images and Photos

So I had updated about Morgan's injury, but right after that she started physical therapy. Two mornings a week before school we went and she did her exercises and was given the go ahead to participate.

The night before the first competition we hosted a hair rolling party. That would be 18 girls and 18 moms, a sister and a coach that came to our house for a potluck dinner. Afterwards we gathered around my family room and were instructed in the correct way to put five gazillion rollers in your daughter's hair. And in case you're wondering, that would involve nearly an entire bottle of hairspray per girl. The air was thick!

Then they were told how to apply their makeup. Morgan volunteered to be the model.

I went back and forth about taking pictures that day. I really wanted to just watch them perform, but I just hated to not come away with a few pictures. They did awesome, came in third and qualified to go to Nationals which are held at California Adventure in March. Chris got a nice video, but it's top secret and if you saw it I'd have to kill you~ha ha.

That would be Morgan tumbling right there.

Way to go girls!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Not MY monster

Here's a project I recently did I thought I'd share. This past month as Morgan's cheer team has been spending more time getting ready for their first competition, tensions are beginning to flare. Morgan's coach has two sons, I think she is getting a crash course in dealing with pre-teen girls. And lucky her-she gets 18 girls 8+ hours a week. God bless her.

So using this project I did last year, I created a little gift for her.

I included a gift card to Starbucks and in between the candy is a bottle of aspirin. Her coach gets paid a very minimal stipend and I think really appreciated the thought and the humor.
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