Monday, August 23, 2010

Right Now...


registered for high school
has no classes with his best friend
just put a message on his cell phone voice mail (guess he realized you can actually use it to talk to people)
is way more particular about clothing brands than I ever expected a boy to be


is obsessed with open face sandwiches
is already planning her Halloween costume
bedazzled her boot
actually listened to my input when it came to clothes shopping
doesn't seem to think starting middle school is a big deal

And he
loves his trains

has commandeered my iPhone to watch videos about trains
still has sand in his hair

might be more than a little excited for his sister to get busy with school

Right now we're busy getting ready for things to come and savoring those last summer days.
Right now we're excited for change and nervous about the unknown (okay, maybe that's me).
That's us right now.

1 comment:

travel mom said...

your blog always make me happy!!
you guys doing well and little boy look so cute!!
you are my role model mom!!
you go sister!!

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