Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Day Out With Thomas

Thomas came to town a couple weeks ago. When I say my kid is obsessed with all things Thomas, I am not exaggerating and I bought tickets months before in anticipation of what I thought would be his most favorite day.

Roaring Camp is in the small town of Felton located in the redwoods above Santa Cruz. On most visits to Roaring camp you could select a train ride through the redwoods or one that takes you to the boardwalk. It's a great way to spend an afternoon.

And our little train lover sat in the car with a train in each hand and chatted about trains the entire drive. And I sat in the front seat smugly aware that I was making my child's dream come true.

And we got there and my smugness was exchanged for exasperation when all he wanted to do was play with the trains. We have a train table, tons of tracks and I don't know 30 to 40 trains at home. I paid $18 per person, Chris took a day off of work, drove an hour each way and we came to play with trains?
Pictures you will not see:
Jack in one of the three train bounce houses.
Jack in front of the giant inflatable Percy.
Jack getting a train tattoo.
Jack at the arts and craft table coloring trains.
Jack singing train songs.
Get the picture (pardon the pun!)?
Anytime we tried to drag himto one of the above activities, it was tantrum time. So we did what all parents who are trying to coerce their child to do something they are not interested in doing does...

Buy two more trains!

Our day ended with a 25 minute train ride in an open car being pulled by Thomas. The entire ride had recorded songs and stories and Jack enjoyed the ride, but loved playing with his new trains on the train :-)

And while the day did not go quite as I had anticipated, for days and days he has talked it. So maybe it was his favorite day after all.

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