Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Awkward Family Photo

I should preface this by saying yesterday on the twelth my brand new camera died :-( I'm bummed. Really. So the rest of our vacation will be recorded via the crappy iPhone or the disposable camera I picked up. At least it's something. Then today at the beach I realized I had another alternative-the resort photographers. They roam around with some super nice Nikons. Usually they have an animal they try to get you to pose with-an iguana, a parrott, or a monkey, but today they were at the beach. We have not taken a family picture while we were here, so I flagged them down thinking this was my chance. It started out pretty good. Mostly my thoughts were who could I hide behind so that only my face was showing.
But then she asked Chris to lay on his stomach in the sand and the photographer in me thought "hmmm, strange". Then she asked me to lay on top of him, followed by Garrett, Morgan, and Jack. Chris was dying from the weight atop him, I got a massive case of the giggles when I realized how absurd we must look, Garrett was mortified, Morgan was posing and Jack was struggling to stay on top of the family pyramid.
The only thing more absurd than the photo I pictured in my head was seeing the picture on a huge computer screen. It is awkward defined! It is what that website is all about.
No, we did not buy it. And my only hope is the delete key will be pressed and the picture will be banished forever.


travel mom said...

i really want ot see that picture!!
and i think you will do alot better job than them...
have fun

Jennifer said...

Oh noooo.. what happened to your camera!??

And, Julie, you should have purchased the picture if for no other reason than OUR entertainment! That is hilarious!

Alicia and Ken said...

That might end up on the Awkward Family Photos website! LOL!!

Becky said...

LOL! Do they have a site online where I could purchase that photo? ;) At least it's a story that I'm sure you'll always remember.

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