Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pictures (or lack of)

So when the first of the year came around I decided not to do Project 365 again. After two years I needed a break. I also forgot to take pictures on the 12th so I thought I figured out something I could do as an alternative this year. But when it came time to put together the collage, I realized I couldn't come up with 12 good pictures. I've seriously been slacking in the picture taking department this year. I definitely need to challenge myself to try harder.

Today when I was in the waiting room for Garrett's dentist appointment I scrolled through the pictures on my iPhone. What an odd assortment of pictures! I usually take them and email to Chris so he can get a peek at our day. Here's a few to share.

*Finally (and I mean FINALLY) got to go with my friend to the Alameda Antique Fair. This was one of my finds that needed a little TLC.
*Just a pretty sky.
*Back at the gym and no that's not Morgan, it's Garrett!! He and a friend attended a clinic to learn out to do a flip throw in for soccer. Let's just say he has a new appreciation for his sister's sport.
*Jack after a haircut, this is the shortest it's ever been cut. He looked adorable!

*Any guesses about this? This is Garrett's soccer jersey, pulled out of his bag, oh, I don't know, 1 month after the last time he wore it. All those black spots? Mold. And this is post wash and bleach!
*Another Christmas project. Seriously, what was I thinking?
*Jack at his dentist appointment. The first time he went they just "counted" his teeth. This time he got the full treatment. He was so good, I think it shocked the staff, he just chatted away the entire time.

*Morgan turned 12! Went out to her restaurant of choice-Red Robin.
*Got tracks? We do. And they are often set up and can make a track around our family room.
*Why did the turkey cross the road? To get to the mall, silly!
*Words With Friends...been playing since early summer I think. I always have at least a few games going. I may or may not show my kids mercy :-P. This was a screenshot of my biggest word (117 points)*. No, I did not play "ghazi" (I don't have a clue what that is). But I played "spiv" and the "s" landed on a triple word tile. That made my day!

*Morgan at her jazz class. She really loves it.
*And the little guy getting his papers from his mailbox at school.

And there you have some terrible pictures of the goings on from the last couple months.

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Mariah said...

those are awesome! not terrible at all... when I do my project 365, it's not about getting that great picture, it's about telling a story. capturing those everyday moments. the reality is that even our "terrible" pictures are a lot better than most, and being in an album with your words are going to be such a treasure years to come. and I will honestly admit that some days I get more somedays none... I just fudge it in the end. but shhh... don't tell.

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