Thursday, February 12, 2009

12 on the 12th February

Here we are on month two of twelve on the 12th.
1. Morgan is home sick for the second day. She's had a cough for a few weeks, but has had a fever on top of it. Today she was fever-free and feeling much better.
2. She's also feeling a bit bored so we played one of our favorite card games, Blink. We each won a game (and I don't let her win). And then she found something else to do with the cards.
3. Later in the day when we were going a bit stir crazy from being stuck inside for the past two days we made a quick trek to Michaels (and Safeway). Case in point, you don't have to go to school to learn a life lesson. After we checked out, Morgan noticed that a pack of sticker letters had been left in the cart so we weren't charged. So we turned right back around, got back into line and paid for them. The motto at their school is "character counts" is our motto at home too.
4. Just after waking up, I had a lot of anticiption for some great pictures of Jack today, but the light was poor and we didn't go outside because it was too cold. Note the collared shirt under his pajamas. Sometimes we let him sleep in the shirt he wore the day prior just to add some extra warmth. We decided he looked like Elvis...old Elvis, that is. He's our Chunk a chunk of burning love :-).
5. End of the day, Morgan and I made at least 6 dozen sugar cookies (Nancy's recipe). I doubled the recipe which meant we seemed to be baking and frosting forever. But they are the BEST worth it.
6. Garrett before school. But really this could be Garrett just about any time.. He is in the laptop program so technically he needs his computer to complete all assignments, but just this year he's spending time on iChat with his buddies. Thankfully no girls yet, I suppose that will be next year?
7. This kid is a snacker. We have a lock on the pantry, but he makes a beeline for it when somebody goes in there and raids the boxes. Today's choice, Life Cereal.
8. And he's just as quick when the dishwasher opens.
9. I really try to be an organized person. I mean this appears to be a well organized albeit full filing cabinet. I needed to locate a warrenty and much to my surprise I found it in five minutes. I truly expected this a big source of frustration today and it wasn't.
10. Day 3 of golf tryouts. Although a returning member, there is no guarantee especially with such a strong team. Anyway, he shot 35 today with a combined round of 71. Results will be posted tomorrow, but he shot in the middle of the pack. I think it's safe to say you can send your congratulation cards.
11. With Morgan at home, I turned the camera over to her. Just putting Jack's shoes on before we head out. Shoes, or "sus" is one of his growing vocabulary words.
12. The high today was 52 degrees. It didn't rain, but was cloudy all day.

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