Monday, November 10, 2008

He's a Mudder

An "after" picture of Garrett from the game last week. They basically gave them the choice to play in the rain or postpone the game and they chose to play, the fields were closed after this game. His team is currently 6-1-2 and in second place. With one game left to play, they must win in order to hold onto second. A big improvement from last place last year.
And in gymnastics news, Morgan did awesome in her last meet. She got an 8.5 on beam, bars and floor. Vault...well, she did great, by far her best vault I've seen, but it got a 7.2 :-(. That was the lowest score she's ever received on vault and it was far from her worst vault. Everybody's score was really low (her teammate had a 9.5 a couple weeks ago and a 8.5 at this meet). Anyway, after I keyed that judge's car (kidding!) Morgan still went home with her highest all around score of the season.

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