Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sweet 16

                                              Can you believe this little cutie turned 16?

Well she wanted a party so a party she got.  Morgan and 19 of her closest :-) friends celebrated this past Saturday.  We had the food catered from Chipotle and I have to say,  that was money well spent.  Not only did all the girls love it, but Chipotle literally provides everything you could need-lots of good food, bunsin burners to keep the food warm, an assortment of salsas, soft and crispy tortillas and all the paper products.

The other thing she asked for was a hot chocolate bar.  We found a really good mint mix that was clearanced for Christmas and then we also made a batch of the creamy crockpot hot chocolate and that was really rich and delicious.



And although she really didn't want a cake, I wanted one.  So she asked that it was nothing that screamed "sweet 16" and asked for an ombre cake.  That was kind of a challenge, but I think the bakery did a great job.


I told her that I had a surprise for the party, but didn't give her many clues.  As the party got closer, I got a little nervous that my surprise was not going to be a good one.  Turns out, it was a hit.  We had a henna tattoo artist here for about 2 hours and the girls just loved it.

                              Happy Birthday Morgan Olivia...may you have a sweet 16th year!


Catherine said...

Very very sweet. Morgan - what a wonderful celebration. You've got quite the clever mom! Everything looks so pretty and I'm sure everything was delicious. Love you Miss Sixteen!

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