Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Safari West

Our last activity before break was over was a trip to Safari West in Santa Rosa.  We have been here once before, but I'm guessing it was 9 or 10 years ago.  The tours take place rain or shine and the first time we went it was pouring.  We came prepared, but I think we all preferred the sunshine.  Of course, that's a bit deceiving as the sun may have been shining, but it was cold.

Anyway, it was a great excursion.  The first part of our tour was a bit of walking around the property.  There are some caged animals, but the pens are large and it is a much different experience than going to the zoo.  Even the aviary is pretty spectacular and lots of birds we had never seen before.
Once on the tour, we got to see the larger animals.

These two boys were rough housing...guess it doesn't matter what species-siblings like to fight!

There were also lots of babies to be seen throughout the tour.

And what I surprise we had.  As the guide was telling us about sables, one of the other passengers on our jeep calls out, "Hey, I think one is having a baby."  And sure enough the calm and quiet mama sable was in the middle of giving birth.  Our guide let us peek in for awhile, but then it was time to move on and give the new mom and baby some space.  But that was quite a little bonus on our tour.

On the property on tent cabins where guest can stay the night.  Perhaps our next visit will be an overnighter so we can have a little more up close time with the animals.

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