Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Hear a happy dance?  Well summer is over and it is back to school!  Actually this summer went by incredibly fast.  We were all very busy and had a calendar full of events and fun moments.

Garrett & Morgan started school on Monday and Jack began today.

In summary, it was the last first day of school for him.

And the first day of high school for her.

And the first day of school for him.

It was the first time the oldest two have been at the same school since they were in 5th and 2nd grade.
And it was the first time, the oldest have gotten to school without me driving at least one of them!  So lots of firsts going on around here.

And here's a first-I got this shirt made up for Jack and am going to have him wear it on the first day of school until he's Garrett's age.  That should be a fun progression of pictures that will go all too fast.

And here's a first and a last-a group shot of them as they head off to their first days of school this year.

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