Sunday, July 14, 2013

It's On

We have some soccer friends that live nearby.  It's hard to describe this family, they are very athletic and very driven and they have a very different sense of humor.  They've always used profanity in casual conversation even when their kids were young.  Garrett played soccer with their son and we seemed to bond over two things, the AMC show Breaking Bad and our extreme dislike for the team mom.

The team mom was a know it all who just made the two of us roll our eyes.  We'd often send snarky text messages to each other about something she'd done.  If her son didn't show up to practice, the team mom would take it upon herself to lecture him.

So one time Garrett and their son went to the team's soccer camp.  I can't remember why, but we had some conflict so Garrett stayed with them the night before camp and they drove the boys there while we picked them up.  Well back to the very different sense of humor-Garrett arrived at camp only to unpack his bag and find a ginormous bra had been put in his bag.  He was mortified.  The "A" family thought it was hysterical.

Fast forward nearly two years.  They asked us at the last minute if we could watch their dogs this weekend.  I've never been inside their house before, but Garrett and I both noticed a collage of pictures they had loosely arranged over a desk.    Well, we both kind of devised a pay back scheme.  I went to the store and had 10 pictures of the team mom printed up and we carefully placed this picture throughout the kitchen in family room. We weren't invasive.  We covered up the boy's picture with hers.  We added one to the collage of pictures.  We propped one in a cabinet.  We taped one to a wall that had some school report cards.  There was a ceramic dog and one was placed in its teeth.  They have a pizza oven with boards below and that was probably one that won't be found for some time.

So I just got a text message from her.  It read, "Ummmm. U think u guys forgot something really disturbing....Let me know if we should return them!!!lol

Oh and by the way....

It's on!!!!"

So let me tell you, when the "A" family says it's on, it's on.  I'm a little afraid of what they may pull.  I know I'm totally going to be on guard waiting for the retaliation.  So what am I going to do in the meantime?  I going to figure out our next move.  And it's going to be good!!

Stay tuned.

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Cara said...

Ha, what did you get yourself into?!

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