Friday, August 26, 2011

The Doldrums

   [dohl-druhmz, dol-, dawl-] Show IPA
noun ( used with a plural verb )
1. a state of inactivity or stagnation

In early spring we enrolled Jack in a weekly swimming class. Because he was just attending weekly, my primary goal was to make him very comfortable in water and begin some water safety. After the first session he earned his five stickers for specific skills and a ribbon for completing his beginning preschool level.
We continued with the class this summer and Jack has continued to improve and he is very comfortable in the water. About halfway through the summer he had earned four out of the five stickers for his immediate preschool level. The last skill he needs is to swim 2 yards.

This video was taken a several weeks ago. I know we shouldn't, but it makes us laugh. Poor guy probably lifts his head and feels like he swam across the pool only to find out he hardly went anywhere.
Today was the last day of the summer session. He still didn't earn a ribbon. Clearly he is stuck in the doldrums.

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