Sunday, April 3, 2011

Here We Go Again

Here's a layout (a lift of Nancy Damiano) that I did last month on a scrapbook retreat. It's a page about Morgan's injuries that she's had a year's period of time:
A cast on the arm and two boots, one on either foot.

Well Murphy's Law, I knew if I completed it, something would happen.

Here's the lovely green cast she's sporting on her right arm for another couple weeks. If truth be told, I think there's some type of racket her doctors are pulling because once again it's a small fracture on her growth plate that doesn't show up on x-rays. No denying, she's complaining that it hurts and did for about 2 weeks before I finally took her to see the orthopedist (we did see her doctor who prescribed Motrin for the week). But c'mon, 4 casts/boots in 13 months?


The Zwangs said...

How about calcium supplements?

Sandy said...

wow. This girl is going to break some records if she keeps this up... no pun intended. Hope she isn't feeling anymore pain!

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