Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Today was a nice family day. Went to the 9:30 church service and then headed over to a brunch. Before we sat down Jack talked to the Easter bunnies (missed that picture opportunity) and then went inside a little petting zoo-chickens, bunnies, miniature goats, and a pig.

After brunch, there was an egg hunt. Jack was a bit slow, he didn't like touching the wet eggs and since it was drizzling a bit, there weren't too many dry eggs left. Oh well, he still walked away with a chocolate bunny.

Later we came home and the Easter bunny had visited our house and brought some sunshine with him. Morgan spent most of the day wearing her coat, so I didn't get any good pictures in her dress, but she sure looks pretty in yellow!

And Jack was giddy to see his basket. You might notice a bit of a theme-the basket has a liner with dinosaurs and he got a big dinosaur puzzle, dinosaur jibbitz for his croc, a dinosaur coloring book and paint set, and lots of other dinosaur goodies to keep him busy. Fortunately for Jack, he didn't have much competition hunting for eggs, he and Morgan scooped them up pretty quickly and ate a few along the way.

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