Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why I Hate Michaels Part Deux

Don't remember part one? Well in the chaos of December, I didn't get around to sharing, but trust me it involved some misleading advertising and a dead car battery and left a seriously bad taste in my mouth.

Well enter, part two-the part that makes me really miss my local scrapbooking store.

So I heard through the rumor mill that they might be clearancing out some old Cricut Cartridges for $9.99 on January 8 (normally $89.99). And then I read some people were already finding them. Well not wanting to miss this opportunity, I called and asked. And yes, they did have them. They were located in the Cricut aisle and there were a lot left.
That was at 12:30 today and if I didn't have a 3 year old who was napping I would've been there at the moment. But I had to wait till 3:30.
Trying not to get my hopes up because they've often been dashed with promises of great things that never materialized at Michaels, I head straight to the Cricut aisle.

Great googly moogly, what do I see...

Seriously fellow scrapbookers, could this not be a more beautiful site??

So I grabbed 4 (took some pictures so I could share with my friends) and headed to the check out.

Still wondering why I hate Michaels?

Well I get up there only to be told they don't have any of these cartridges. In fact they don't have any of them left. Seriously-you see the pictures, it sure doesn't look like they are sold.
Saleslady upon seeing that I was ready to blow a gasket calls up the manager who said they did have a few left, but not what I wanted. So she rummaged through the locked cages and pulled out a few-wild west, doodlecharms, printing 101, a few wedding ones. Nothing that I was interested in settling for after I had the mother-lode in my hands just a few minutes prior.

So there you go, my tale of great woe which may or may not make you run out to your nearest Michaels and see if you can scavenger a great deal. Personally I'd boycott Michaels altogether if I had other options. But seeing as they are the only place around, I'm going to become the shopper the hate-the one with the 40% off coupon and only one item in hand.


Jennifer said...

Oh no... I had no idea about this. I can't get there tomorrow.... what to do... what to do??

Sandy said...

Having spent way to many years working in a retail store, I would think that, upon hanging all of those '9.99 Clearance' tags, perhaps the sales person would think to see if all these cartridges were actually in stock. Silly me.

Jennifer said...

I managed to make it to our M's today and they had the sale too.. but they handled it a little differently- they left those tags you have to turn in up front on the regular price ones and they actually took all of their overstock of the $9.99 ones and actually put those cartridges out- so if they were gone, they were gone. We didn't have as many as in your picture for that price, though. Most were really lame- the only ones I really liked were Stand and Salute(which I already own) and I bought the Child's First Year.

Julie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Julie said...

Sandy-ya think??

Jennifer-I didn't know what to expect when I got there and $9.99 isn't a great deal for something I would never use, but just the fact that I got my hopes up and dashed ticked me off. A Child's First Year was one I had in my hands, there are some beautiful images on that cartridges. I'm glad you found something. (Now if you would just scrap a page with it, I'd be even more happy!)

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