Sunday, October 12, 2014

On the Memory Card

Lots of picture taking this weekend!

Friday night was homecoming.  Don't remember the final score, but it was  a blowout.  The theme for homecoming this year was bedtime stories, so that's was their halftime routine was choreographed around. They wear pink bows and use pink poms for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

 Jack also had a game over in Alameda this weekend.
 That evening was the homecoming dance.  Lots of girls met at a location in town for picture taking.  It. Was. Chaos.
Not my kind of picture taking atmosphere.

 And Sunday, we woke up and decorated for a belated birthday party for Jack.    This game truck arrived and the boys were in seventh heaven (plus two girls too).  For two hours they played video games.

So busy, but what else is new around here?

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Diane Zwang said...

Hi Julie! How is it that Morgan is old enough to date? Where has the time gone. Thanks for sharing love the pictures.

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