Monday, May 27, 2013

Just a mini update

Jack got his cast off last week.  9 weeks and he's all healed.  It was the first time I left that office since January that I didn't have to make a follow up appointment since January.  He had quite a rash under the cast when it came off (we had some high temps that week), but a week if airing it out  and putting lotion, it looks great.

And this little girl made the varsity competition squad for high school.  There were only 12 girls picked, one freshman-Morgan!  This team is the two time national champions, so this is quite an accomplishment.  She will continue to cheer with all the other freshmen girls at the football and basketball games, the competition team is separate.

Here's her competition schedule for the coming year:
Nov 3 James Logan High, Union City
Dec 14 Santa Margarita High, Rancho Santa Margarita (So. Cal)
Jan 18 Yorba Linda High, Yorba Linda (So. Cal)
Jan 19 Brea Olinda HIgh, Brea (So. Cal)
Jan 25 Tesoro High, Las Flores (So. Cal)
Feb 2 California Open Champs, UC Davis (Superbowl Sunday)
Nationals March 28-30 (Anaheim)

In addition, she'll be headed down to Long Beach in July for cheer camp and over Labor Day weekend for choreography somewhere in So Cal.

She's been working really hard to get the skills needed to be on this team. (see video)

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