Saturday, November 12, 2011

We've Got Spirit

yes we do. We've got spirit how 'bout you?

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So I had updated about Morgan's injury, but right after that she started physical therapy. Two mornings a week before school we went and she did her exercises and was given the go ahead to participate.

The night before the first competition we hosted a hair rolling party. That would be 18 girls and 18 moms, a sister and a coach that came to our house for a potluck dinner. Afterwards we gathered around my family room and were instructed in the correct way to put five gazillion rollers in your daughter's hair. And in case you're wondering, that would involve nearly an entire bottle of hairspray per girl. The air was thick!

Then they were told how to apply their makeup. Morgan volunteered to be the model.

I went back and forth about taking pictures that day. I really wanted to just watch them perform, but I just hated to not come away with a few pictures. They did awesome, came in third and qualified to go to Nationals which are held at California Adventure in March. Chris got a nice video, but it's top secret and if you saw it I'd have to kill you~ha ha.

That would be Morgan tumbling right there.

Way to go girls!

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Diane said...

Some of that looks awfully familiar. I am glad Morgan recovered from her injury.

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