Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The October Curse

I guess it is more like the fall curse, but the last few years October has been particularly bad for Morgan.

2007-The day Jack was born, Morgan came down with strep throat. She was so bummed that she couldn't meet her brother.

2008-We escaped sickness this year.

2009-Highly anticipated week at Outdoor Ed camp with school. Not there even 24 hours before we got a call that she had a fever and had to come home.

2010-Snapping pictures and excited to head out trick or treating and once again hit with another high fever that put her in bed with not an iota of interest in going out.

2011-In an effort to break this string of bad luck, I made sure Morgan got her flu shot and was just about ready to laugh in the face of this curse.

I should know better.

About 8 weeks ago, Morgan did a jump and landed funny on her knee. She complained it hurt, but we did the ice and Motrin and she seemed to be getting around fine. After 3 weeks of her still complaining I took her to an orthopedist. He didn't see any swelling so thought she needed to rest-took her off PE, put a brace on her knee and said in a couple weeks she'd be as good as new. But she wasn't. So she got an x-ray and it was negative. So she got an MRI. We got the results yesterday and apparently she wasn't making it up. Her orthopedist seemed quite surprise, she has a tear in her quadriceps tendon-an injury rarely seen in kids, it's more likely to occur in middle aged people. Leave it to Morgan! It apparently is a complete fluke and the fact that it taking so long to heals means she's been to active to allow it to heal.

Cue bad news...she cannot compete in her first cheerleading competition. It's 2 1/2 weeks away and he thinks she's 4 weeks away from being healed. She's really disappointed. She'll be going to physical therapy to help, but there's no way to predict where she'll be in the healing process so she has to bow out.

Next year, I may not laugh at the curse, but I'm taking extra precautions.
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Diane said...

Oh poor Morgan. I hope she feels better soon.

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